Hand Written Cards


IMPORTANT - Please read and follow the steps below to order your hand written card, thank you


Sorry, Pay-Pal only process the payment for us and you need to provide the information for your card order direct to us, you cannot easily do this through pay-pal, so we have tried to make it easier for our customers by asking them to please follow the instructions below

Also please note that if using a UK bank card to pay, for a card you may need to use your bank card address and then email us the details as below as Pay-Pal may not allow you to enter an address which does not match the bank card, If you live in France and have a UK card at your French Address you may need to use a French bank card for this, this is a restriction from some banks and pay-pal to provide you with extra security

1- If you would like us to write and send a card for you please select your card using the "add to cart" button (your shopping cart should open in a separate window, if not click continue shopping), then add the extra postage from the bottom of this page if required using the "add to cart" button, then you can check out and then follow the next instructions below

IMPORTANT if you would like your card sent First Class (*Prioritare 1-2 days delivery) please add to your order the extra postage below BEFORE you pay for your order, if not your card will be sent at the standard postage (*Lettre Vert 2-5 days delivery)

* Delivery times are provided by La Poste and we cannot guarantee their service, we trust you understand - Please do not order, if you expect us to get cards to recipients immediately, as we can only post them at the Post Office, and the cards are out of our hands at this time, please understand

2- Then email us your phone number (in case we need to contact you) and your message for the card - (Maximum 30 words please) and the full postal name including Surname and Address for the Recipient of the card to:


Please also note that if sending to a person that does not normally live at the address you would like the card sent to, for example to a relative on holiday, you would need to use the normal occupants name and address to ensure the card is delivered as the post would not associate a different name to the address, and your order may not get delivered and be returned to us

3 - Please note if your total message is more than 30 words then we will need to contact you to ask you to reduce your message this is a delay for us and also means your card will not be sent until we have the correct number of words, meaning a delay in posting for you, we have to write it in and need the time and space to do so, we trust you understand

4- Once your card has been paid for and we have received the Recipients name, Address and Message (above) we will then write your card and send it for you

5- Once your card has been written and posted we will email you to confirm despatch of your order, you would have also received a copy of your order from Pay-Pal at the time you placed your order

We make no additional charge for this Hand Written Service. (If you wish to send multiple cards, to multiple addresses, or would like your cards sent separately to the same address you will need to make individual orders for each card as they will be posted to separately and we need enough postage money to do so)

Please note the postage rates in your shopping cart are Standard letter Vert Post to France only, if you require the card to be sent First Class (prioritare) please add the postage costs below

If you are ordering more than one hand written card to the same address and you would like first class post you will need to add the same quantity of extra first class post for each card ordered as they are shipped together

Please note we cannot mix and match postage so you can either send your order standard or priority postage, you cannot send one card priority and one standard on the same order as they are shipped together


Please add to cart your additonal Postage desired per card

1 x First Class Post (Prioritare) - Single Card to France

Price - 0.50 euro

Item Code HW-SC-First Class-FR

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